Cracked tooth Syndrome

Generally developed in the back teeth it can also effect front teeth if they suffer from an accidental knock or break, cracked tooth syndrome refers to symptoms resulting from a cracked crown or tooth root.

Reasons why crack tooth syndrome develops:

  • A result of trauma to the area – getting hit in the teeth by something solid is a common one
  • Product of grinding or clenching – can happen during sleep or from not wearing a mouth guard during high contact sports
  • Most commonly affecting heavily restored teeth – where a tooth has undergone multiple restorations or was seriously damaged before the restoration

Why is it important for crack tooth syndrome to be treated?

As the crack in the tooth develops, it will expose the layer of tooth below the enamel called the dentine. This layer protects the small nerves known as the pulp. As more pressure is exerted against the tooth, the crack opens and causes the fluid to move. As the biting pressure is released, the crack pushes closed and the nerve is stimulated to cause pain.

How you can reduce the risk of cracked tooth syndrome

An obvious on is to make sure that when doing high contact sports especially if you have children make sure you and your children are wearing protective mouth guards.

Try to monitor your clenching and grinding habits – maybe some relaxation exercises could be helpful so you have a less harmful outlet for stress.

Also stay away from hard foods and objects as chewing ice and pens can severely damage the outer layer of tooth and result in costly surgery.

If you suspect you’ve been grinding your teeth at night, ask your Family Dental Clinic – West End dentist about a night guard and take a look at our nocturnal grinding page, because your oral health is our highest priority.

In severe cases where the crack has made the pulp inside the root of the tooth become infected, root canal therapy may be required. As the crack develops, you may notice the tooth becoming more sensitive to hot and cold foods and liquids. Untreated cracks can eventually spit the tooth down through the root and may require being extracted.

Prevention is the key to success – don’t risk further damage to your teeth!

If you feel that you may have a cracked tooth, book an appointment with one of our professionals at Family Dental Clinic – West End and see how we can help nurture your teeth back to health.

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