Fissure Sealants & Composite fillings

Composite Fillings

Composite fillings use a strong, tooth coloured resin to fill and restore your teeth. By offering a natural look, composite fillings are also useful for a variety of cosmetic issues.

Below are the general reasons our patients at Family Dental Clinic  – West End choose to get composite fillings:

  • To fill cavities and fissures – a more permanent solution
  • They offer a sort of natural coloured glue to repair fractures and chips in the tooth
  • Useful for restructuring misshaped teeth
  • Cosmetically helpful for closing small gaps in between teeth
  • Improve appearance as a replacement for amalgam fillings that are made from silver coloured materials and are sometimes noticeable
  • Can be more cost effective in comparison to other cosmetic options

As composite fillings take on a natural look and feel for your teeth, they are generally known as the cosmetically superior choice. Make sure you discuss in detail with your dentist the ideal method for filling in or repairing your pearly-whites in your next appointment.

The Procedure:

  1. Your dentist is likely to start with a local anaesthetic to numb your tooth and the surrounding area
  1. The tooth will be cleaned and any decay or bacteria will be removed from the tooth
  1. Depending on the type of filling – your dentist will likely shape the composite resin appropriately and harden the resin so it has a firm bond with the tooth. Alternatively prior to the treatment, your dentist may have needed to take a mould or impression of the tooth, which is followed up using a dental cement to bond the filling fittingly to the tooth
  1. To finish your dentist at Family Dental Clinic  – West End will polish the tooth, and ensure it matches well with the neighbouring teeth

Fissure Sealants

In plain terms, fissures refer to the crevices and grooves that are on the surface of your back teeth. Being further back in the mouth, it is common for patients to experience problems with keeping them properly cleaned because they’re a lot harder to brush, particularly for children.

This specific treatment is often favoured by parents. Once children have their adult teeth coming through its important to remember that these are the last set of teeth your kids will have. We know that you understand that, but does your child?

Children can easily become a little complacent with their oral health – they’re only young and probably don’t understand how important those lovely new chompers really are. They could even be a little annoyed by their new teeth, likely having had to endure some pretty uncomfortable days to get them!

By placing a thin plastic shielding film over the chewing surfaces of those molar and premolar teeth (back teeth), you’re able to add that extra bit of needed protection and encourage a longer lifespan for those teeth that are just that little bit harder to reach and clean. This sealing plastic is called a fissure sealant and provided the groove is properly cleaned and prepared, is able to protect the tooth from bacteria, decay and enamel damage for a number of years.

Studies show that by putting fissure sealant on the back teeth reduces the occurrence of decay by 100% but as the material wears over time, the protection reduces.

With regular check-ups, our team of expert staff and dentists at Family Dental Clinic  – West End  can monitor the wear and easily reapply the fissure sealant where needed!

The Procedure:

  1. The teeth that are getting sealed are expertly cleaned and dried
  1. The part of the tooth used for chewing is properly prepared for the sealant
  1. Using a small brush, the fissure sealant is applied and then by means of an ultraviolet Light; the sealant hardens

If you’re worried about gaps, cracks and cavities in you and your family’s teeth, be sure to book an appointment with one of our helpful staff at Family Dental Clinic – West End, Brisbane today.

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