Five excellent reasons why you should smile!


Taking care of your smile is important to us, so we want to make sure you’re using it.

Understanding the links and the importance of a smile is an easy step towards good health and happiness. Take the time today with Family Dental Clinic in West End, Brisbane to see how slipping some extra smiles into your day can improve your health, benefit your relationships and greater balance your work/life commitments.

Why do I smile?

A smile is considered a simple thing, a natural reaction to something that triggers a physical result. We do it for all kinds of reasons too – usually because of success, laughter or excitement. You can be caught smiling when you’ve just found out you aced your final exam or laughed at that ridiculous nerdy joke that only you properly appreciated! In the simplest way, smiling is a natural response that shares our happiness with those around us.

Why should I smile?

#1 to start your day off fresh

How did you wake up today? Maybe you were jumped on by kids or beeped awake by the most annoying alarm clock in history. A heartfelt smile first thing in the morning can make even the most taxing weeks into a day worth getting out of bed for.

Even if you’re not feeling the vibe, squeeze one out at the first person you see – whether that is your partner, a family member or even the neighbour. By sharing the smile with someone else, you’re able to not only start your day off fresh but also give the other person the gift of a nice day as well.

Don’t have anyone else around? Just crack one to yourself! Smiling alone is a simpler form of meditation and can clear your mind of any bad feelings lingering around.

#2 to make yourself and those around you feel happy

A smile triggers activity in your brain where your mind registers happiness then your body reacts and starts making all kinds of healthy endorphins to help you feel good.

Don’t be selfish! Have a look over the person next to you and share your smile with them. I know it is a cliché, but smiles really are contagious; add in a little eye-contact and viola! You seriously could have just made someone’s day.

It can also be common for a frown to have the same effect, so be weary of those days where you walk into work and everyone is a little agitated. Be careful to avoid the bad vibe while sharing your happy morning smile around.

#3 to bring out the best of your appearance

Curious as to why you’re asked to smile for the camera? Have a squiz at all your last profile photos and compare the number of smiles versus non-smiles. Our most natural and happy moments in life are often taken with a smile on their face. Smiles offer a bit of heart, warmth and story into a motionless image and are often remembered as a timeless memory.

Nothing beats a welcoming smile! First impressions are vital when you are trying to land that awesome career. Don’t just bring your mind and professional outfit, but make sure that your smile comes along as well! Research shows that employers are much more likely to pick the candidate with a smile as it relays confidence and stability to the interviewer. Interviewers avoid unhappy people because it can hinder the performance output and the overall workplace moral.

#4 to take the edge off a stressful day

A smile triggers hormone production, soothing any built-up tension that has been fizzing up inside. If you’re struggling to find out why you just can’t got those first paragraphs out for the report due tomorrow, forget that yawn you’ve been saving up and take a deep breath, have a big smile.

Smiling is the cheapest method of tension relief – it is good for your health as it can lower blood pressure and regulate blood-sugar, the ideal gift for your mind and body.

#5 to make you laugh and tone you up!

Your face has 44 muscles and uses a heap of them to make you grin, making a smile a subtle exercise in itself. Smiling while working out can help you get through those last few reps and can even lead to laughter!

Studies show that laughter acts as a mini workout for the abs and burns loads of calories. Combined with a heap of other health related benefits, whoever said “laughter is the best medicine” clearly knew what they were talking about.

Smiles are simply one of the easiest ways to turn your mood, but if you’re feeling self-conscious about your smile, book an appointment today with Brisbane’s Family Health Clinic in West End and find out how we can turn your frown upside-down today.

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