Teeth Whitening

As a treatment, tooth whitening is a popular non-invasive method to achieve a stunning smile. At Family Dental Clinic – West End, we are dedicated to giving our patients excellent whitening facilities along with fantastic service!

Assessing Your Smile

So how do you know if whitening is the right choice for you? To determine the appropriate treatment plan, our dentist will firstly go through an assessment and enlighten you about how to best renew your smile. When assessing your teeth, your dentist will likely follow these simple steps:

  • Check your oral health is up to scratch
  • Diagnose the cause of any spots and discolouration
  • Ensure you understand the method of whitening we use
  • Help you feel comfortable about the different factors that could influence the whitening process
  • Assess the need for updated fillings or crowns because the crowns and veneers won’t change colour with the rest of your teeth
  • Discuss tooth sensitivities and how it can be managed

Once your teeth and gums are assessed, your dental professional will take an impression of your upper and lower teeth. Using these impressions, whitening trays will be designed and filled with whitening gel.

The trays containing the gel will then be carefully placed over your teeth so to keep the whitening gel in continuous contact with the surface.

The teeth whitening trays will gradually whiten your teeth as you wear them overnight or for a few hours each day.

Post-treatment Care

Teeth whitening treatments are proven to give good results but without proper care, your teeth can often revert back to the previous condition. At Family Dental Clinic – West End we encourage all our patients to incorporate the following easy steps into their post treatment routine:

  • Brush your teeth! Twice a day for two minutes and using a fluoride toothpaste to optimise whitening
  •  Floss your teeth daily to reduce build-up in between teeth
  •  Chewing sugar-free gum helps get rid of excess debris after eating and drinking
  •  Drinking water during the day washes away remaining food and is perfect for getting rid of headaches and keeping hydrated
  • Drop in for regular check-ups and cleans, a clear inexpensive way to improve your oral health and keep those pearly whites gleaming


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